What Can You Do About Headaches?

22 September
If you’re like most people, you suffer from headaches–at least from time to time. In fact, 9 out of 10 people experience headaches. Headaches can come in the form of dull, occasional pain, or they can be throbbing and constant. Whether you experience the occasional headache or suffer from migraines, at ProHealth Chiropractic, we can offer you the solution that’s right for you. Whether the cause of the headache is structural or environmental (or both), we can help!
What do you do when you feel a headache coming on? If you’re like most people, you take ibuprofen, take a nap, or continue what you’re doing in hopes that the headache will pass by. Sometimes this strategy even works, but you may be suffering unnecessarily. There are better alternatives we can offer.

Chiropractic care has a wide range of non-invasive options to relieve headache pain. Spinal manipulation, chiropractic adjustments, nutritional advice, help with everyday posture and ergonomics (work postures), exercises, and relaxation techniques are just some of the options we have to work with.

If you are a headache sufferer, you owe it to yourself to come check out some of the non-invasive treatment options and therapies we can offer at ProHealth, your Mequon and Cedarburg Chiropractic experts. Once you’re living without your headache pain, you’ll wonder why you didn’t come visit us sooner!