Meet Our Doctors

x-rayOur doctors, Dr. Eric Stanenas, D.C. and Dr. Maria Fenske, D.C., have a single-minded dedication to their patients’ well-being as well as providing an excellent overall experience for their patients.

With decades of chiropractic experience between them, chiropractors Drs. Stanenas and Fenske have seen a remarkably diverse range of conditions, symptoms, and circumstances. Their ability to provide effective, customized treatment plans comes from having seen thousands of treatment plans through to successful completion – they know what works.

They believe that education plays a critical role in wellness and healing. Two added benefits come from decades of experience in chiropractic techniques. First, the doctors also gained experience in helping patients fully understand their conditions and treatment options. Second, they’ve learned the value of listening to the expert on the patient’s particular symptoms: the patient. By taking time, working together, and openly communicating, we create treatment plans that offer effective, long-term solutions.

roomDrs. Stanenas and Fenske live active lives and are involved in many different kinds of activities in their families and around their community. They know how much patients need to get back to peak performance so they can do the very best with all the roles they play in their lives. They are proud to be part of their patients’ health care team, and dedicate themselves to providing comprehensive and effective care for those in their community.