On-Site Chiropractic

on-site chiropractic care in MilwaukeeOngoing chiropractic care improves health and productivity. When those benefits are brought on-site to your workplace, the results are multiplied. On-site chiropractic services both lower the cost of health care and reduce the occurrence of painful conditions that take time away from the job. The workplace is healthier, employees are more productive, and health care costs decrease.

The services offered by ProHealth Chiropractic Center’s experienced professionals can be available on-site (nutrition consultation, chiropractic care, and other therapies). The advantages to bringing health care providers to your workplace include:

  • Ongoing health monitoring to encourage healthy lifestyles
  • Early diagnosis and treatment
  • Lower incidence of work injuries

If your company is looking to add a health and wellness program or enhance an existing program, contact our office at (920) 994-2000.