Chiropractic Care and Range of Motion—You Might not Know What You’ve Been Missing

12 October

Many people only first seek chiropractic care in reaction to a specific injury or nagging ache or pain. Maybe it’s a minor car accident that causes neck pain, or maybe it’s a sports injury that prompts a visit to the chiropractor. And chiropractic care can often do wonders for those types of issues.

But many people don’t realize that, in some cases, they may get great benefits from chiropractic care even if they don’t know they need it.  Oftentimes, people do not have a full range of motion in their neck and upper cervical spine. There may only be very mild pain (or no pain at all) accompanying the lack of range of motion, and so, many don’t even realize that they are having a problem. For them, their lack of range of motion is just a normal part of their lives. They might not even know that they are supposed to have a better range of motion.

At ProHealth Chiropractic of Random Lake, WI and Thiensville, WI our expert doctors are trained to recognize problems with range of motion—whether the patient is aware of it or not. An ongoing chiropractic care routine can often solve these issues, and advice from our doctors about your daily habits and routines can even prevent problems from reoccurring.  You may be surprised at what you’ve been missing and after a problem is corrected, many patients can’t even imagine the life they used to live.

Schedule a consultation with one of our Milwaukee-area chiropractors today. We’ll identify your range-of-motion issues and come up with a plan to address them and prevent them in order to keep you as healthy as possible through a regular chiropractic care routine.