An Easy-To-Do Health Step: Drinking Water

26 February

As advocates for community wellness, all of us at ProHealth Chiropractic always want to see our people be the healthiest they can be. In this post, we’ll take a very brief look at a simple yet critical step to good health—drinking enough water. Since 60% of the human body is made up of water, we’ll explain some of the benefits of staying properly hydrated.

Water can help you control your appetite

Water in and of itself doesn’t make you burn calories, but study after study has shown that drinking enough water can help control the appetite. People who drink enough water tend not to have the constant urge to snack between meals. This is because, in addition to being beneficial to overall health, water also helps keep you feeling full—or at least not feeling so hungry that you need to snack all the time.

Water prevents fatigue

Muscle cells rely on maintaining a balance of liquids and electrolytes, and without enough water, they shrivel up. These cells shriveling is what causes muscle fatigue. Keeping hydrated, therefore, prevents this from happening so easily. This is especially important when you are losing a lot of water through perspiration while you’re working out.

Water keeps skin from wrinkling easily

Water is a big part of what makes up skin tissue. People who are dehydrated tend to have skin that wrinkles and dries out easily. While it’s true that over-hydration will not remove wrinkles, staying properly hydrated will keep the skin from drying out and creating extra wrinkles that could be avoided.

Water flushes your system

Finally, water is essential to flushing toxins out of your body. The waste removal processes in the human body are extremely efficient, but they depend on a constant inflow and outflow of liquids to carry the toxins out. Drinking water is critical here, and a body that’s removing toxins properly is a healthy body.

These are only a very few of the many, many reasons to get enough water, but hopefully these fast facts serve as a reminder for you to pay attention to getting enough water. We want you to be your healthiest!