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Spare your Back–Lift with your Legs! | Mequon Chiropractors

24 November

You’ve probably heard the advice a thousand times from your parents, gym teachers, doctors, personal trainers, and everyone else—lift with your legs, not your back. Though the advice seems to lose some of its impact the more times you hear it, it’s very important advice nonetheless, and there is a reason you’ve heard it so […]

Wellness Milwaukee | Get Your Sleep!

26 October

At ProHealth Chiropractic Center, we’re always concerned about the overall wellness of our patients.  Chiropractic care plays a very important role in wellness, but there are other factors as well. Today, we will look briefly at the role sleep plays in wellness. We’ve all heard the studies about how many American adults don’t get enough […]

Chiropractic Care and Range of Motion—You Might not Know What You’ve Been Missing

12 October

Many people only first seek chiropractic care in reaction to a specific injury or nagging ache or pain. Maybe it’s a minor car accident that causes neck pain, or maybe it’s a sports injury that prompts a visit to the chiropractor. And chiropractic care can often do wonders for those types of issues. But many […]