Fashion Forward Can Mean Trouble For Your Feet!

08 May


Everyone remembers Carrie Bradshaw ooohing over pairs of shoes in the popular show Sex in the City, and certainly high heels do make a statement when it comes to fashion.  Even in Mequon and Random Lake- heels are an important factor in an outfit. But did you know that long -term wearing of heels or stilettos can impact the health of your body alignment? It’s true- but proper chiropractic care can help remedy your high heel wearing feet.

If you have existing foot problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toe or ingrown toenails, heels can make things much worse.  With as little as a 3-inch heel, the arch flexes and the ankle extends to its fullest position. Toes become locked into a hyper- extension in an attempt to regain balance and the arch, already strained and lifted up begins to weaken in the ligaments which can cause it to fall over time.   Our arches are meant to act as shock absorbers for our body, but with heels the extension makes this impossible.

But our friends, the summer flip-flops, doesn’t get by unscathed either.  Unlike shoes that have more body and soul, flip flops offer very little support.  They are not good for extensive walking because there is very little heel cushioning, arch support or shock absorption.  People are also more prone to catch them on things and trip and fall after a long winter of being used to boots and hard soled shoes.    If you are prone to being flat-footed, they can exacerbate plantar fasciitis as well.

What’s the answer?  Moderation.  Don’t dig out your summer flip flops and plan on wearing them for the first time in a 12 hour marathon day at Disney.   Heels should be for special occasions rather than all-day walking the corridors at work. 

Your feet provide the base and the foundation for your body. Having them adjusted helps keep things in line, and gentle stretching of the muscles helps keep tendons limber (and feels great!)