Benefits of Chiropractic Care with Kids

24 April


Spring is here and this means kids are itching to get outside!  While it’s normal to expect a bump or bruise along the way as they stretch those limbs from a long winter indoors, children are susceptible to injury just like adults.  A teen who takes up golf may be using core muscles or rotational muscles that have never gotten a work out before, cheerleaders can suffer from ankle and wrist ailments and even toddlers can slip and fall, knocking things out of alignment.  Kids who receive chiropractic care have been shown to have a stronger immune system  and can have fewer health challenges as they grow into adulthood. 

When young joints are misaligned, their nerve and muscle tissue can cause pain. Because kids are less likely to have relied on drugs to help injuries they can often recognize the pain in their body and be able to describe how their body is feeling.  Having a child be self-aware at an early age is an amazing thing because they understand that everything they do and put into their bodies  can affect their general overall health. This  makes teaching making good choices an easier task for parents!  Even babies can benefit from chiropractic care, lessening pain from ear aches, colic or other kinds of digestive disorders that young children often suffer.

Children general respond quickly chiropractic care as their bodies have not had the strains of adulthood, and only light pressure is needed to correctly adjust a child.  This adjustment can free ligaments, bring increased blood flow to the areas and reduce pressure to disks and other areas in the spine and neck.

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