Winter Activity Safety!

16 December

Here in Wisconsin, we’re not like other states with a year-round mild climate. We have to be creative during the winter if we want to stay active. In general, I’d say we’ve done a pretty good job of figuring out how we can still enjoy the outdoors even during the cold and snowy months of winter. For many of us, the alternative of being cooped up indoors for many months just isn’t acceptable. So we put on our boots, mittens, and hats and head outside anyway—despite the bitter weather.

During these winter months, what do you do outdoors for fun? Are you a skier or snowboarder? Do you enjoy more “casual” activities like sledding and building snowmen in the yard? Do you snowmobile or do you prefer ice skating? Whatever you do to stay active, staying safe and healthy is just as important during the winter as it is during the warmer months.

Though we don’t always think about our winter activities as “sports,” in most cases, they are every bit (or more) physically demanding than what we do during the summer. So it makes sense that we’d take care of our bodies in the same way during winter as well.

If you have a chiropractic care routine you follow during your active spring/summer/fall months, it’s just as important to keep up with it during the winter. Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding can be especially hard on your body, and in order to keep in tip top shape, it’s a great idea to be faithful in your chiropractic care routine.

If you don’t have a chiropractor or a chiropractic care routine, contact us at ProHealth. We’re Mequon chiropractors who want to see you live your healthiest and fullest life—even during the winter months!