Get out and Get Active

18 June
The official beginning of summer is just around the corner. Hopefully the warm weather makes you feel like you want to get out and get active. Daily exercise has scientifically-proven health benefits that are hard to ignore. From helping with weight to improving moods, it is important to exercise on a daily basis. Here are some great reasons why exercise should be included in your daily routine.
Control/Lose Weight
Perhaps you are looking to drop a few extra pounds that you gained over the holidays. Or maybe you feel perfectly healthy where you are and simple wish to maintain your weight. Walking 30 minutes a day can help. Walking helps release endorphins, which boosts your mood. Walking can also be a great way to relieve stress. Research shows that a regular walking routine helps lower blood pressure, improves moods and results in healthier cholesterol numbers, too. It’s an easy way to break into making exercise a habit.
Boost Energy
Does going to the grocery store or running other short errands leave you exhausted? Incorporating daily exercise into your routine–such as walking, yoga, or biking–can help your heart and lungs work more efficiently. The result: you’ll have more energy and will find yourself napping less and being able to get more done throughout the day.
Better Sleep
How do you sleep? Do you struggle from inconsistent sleep or wake up multiple times during the night? By exercising regularly you will not only find great benefits throughout the day, but also at night. Exercising helps most people fall asleep faster and go into a deeper more restful sleep. A good night’s sleep helps rejuvenate your body which will lead to more energy the next day.