Kinesio Tape

04 August

KinesiotapeTape has been around since the early 1920’s. It was used in World War II to seal off ammunition from rain, and has been used for many different things throughout time. The most common uses for tape today are to hold two things together, to patch a tear or a hole, or maybe you use it as a label to be written on.

How about using tape to reduce pain, swelling and muscle spasms? You must think we’re crazy, but you read that right! Kinesio Tape is an elastic therapeutic tape that is most commonly used by athletes. However, the benefits of Kinesio Tape extend beyond athletics. Kinesio Tape reduces pain, releasing natural pain relievers in the body. It offers gentle support that helps adjustments hold. It is also shown to reduce swelling and muscle spasms by reducing muscle fatigue and over-contraction.

Kinesiology tape, aka KT tape, has unique elastic properties that allow it to provide dynamic support, protecting muscles and/or joints, while still allowing a safe and functional range of motion. This tape is not wrapped completely around an injury, rather it is applied directly over and/or around the injured area. This type of taping allows most applications to be worn for 4-5 days, allowing therapeutic benefits to accumulate 24/7 for the entire time they’re worn.

Kinesio Tape is one of many non-invasive therapies offered at ProHealth Chiropractic Center. Our customized treatment plans can include this and many other options to help you reach your wellness goals.